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You've got questions and we've got answers. Here are some of the most frequent answers we've got:

What's the difference between the "Mounted" and "Matted" options? 

A mounted print is gently attached to archival matte board with acid free tape and secured with photo corners. This gives you more freedom to remove the print from it's backing and frame it how you like or to use the mounted image just as we sent it. 

Matting is less changeable. The print is affixed permanently to its archival backing and then framed with a window matte. These usually require that you find a frame to fit the matte.

How does shipping work?

Items are usually shipped within 3 business days of placing an order. Smaller items and tubes usually ship out USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), while larger pieces go USPS Ground (5-6 days). 

My art showed up damaged and I'm heartbroken! What do I do?

Take a deep breath! Email us within one week of receiving the damaged item and if it was something on our end we will work with you to get the piece returned and quickly refund your money or replace your purchase.

I saw something on your website that isn't offered in the store. Is that for sale?

Chances are, if it doesn't say "Sold Out" in the store, we would be willing to work with you to get you what you want. We like the art we make and we like that you like it, so please feel free to ask about any pieces you see. 

Why do I have to contact the artist directly to order original artworks or custom prints?

When you purchase original artwork or custom prints there needs to be communication about framing, care, etc. and we have a seller's contract that we require to be signed to deal with copyright issues, reselling, royalties, etc. We love the art work that we create and want to make sure that all parties involved are protected so that the artwork can be enjoyed worry free.